Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Two - Begin in the Middle?

Writing, unlike life, is not linear. That's a little tidbit I learned in one of the books I've read on writing.

In other words, don’t begin at the beginning. Does that make sense? Well, of course you must begin at the beginning but the story won’t necessarily begin there. Now I’m just confusing you.

The way I understand things, your reader must feel "dropped in" to your hero/heroine's life. Preferably at a time of dramatic action, so they will feel compelled to keep reading. Then you may give back story in small amounts, to "catch up" the reader, but obviously the very best way to reveal who your heroine is would be by showing her in action.

However, don't get caught up in "back story". I said I'd post some of the review from the contest I had entered. Just for fun.

I'll do that tomorrow. I better get back to writing now.

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