Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Still Alive Through First Revisions

I'm still plunking through first revisions, which as I was warned by other authors is a little like re-writing the entire book. Here are some of the things I've changed in first "revisions":

My heroine went from working in a doctor's office to working in a cafe as a barista. She went from working with an older matronly woman to working with the owner of the cafe, a former runway model. I gave my heroine the "sidekick" she desperately needed.

Two supporting players changed. Instead of living near her parents, my heroine lives near her in-laws and there is no love lost between them. More conflict! The heroine's parents were kind and supportive, and while that is wonderful in real life it's just not interesting in a novel.

I added a minor character. The heroine is being chased by a man she is not interested in. More conflict!

On another note, I have experienced some health problems this year. Serious ones. In September I had a surgery which I'll blog about later. In case you were wondering why I'm still not finished one year after I started!

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  1. Just realized when I saw your post on facebook that I haven't checked your blog in quite a while. Well, a really long while!
    Sounds like you are making some headway in your writing and that's a very good thing. You're right, sounds like a total rewrite, but I know that's how it works. Glad you can see what needs changing and can take care of it and not just stick with something "just because" Does that make sense, I hope so.
    I'm hoping I'll get to read it one day soon.

    I hope the health problems are all resolved or that at least you are on the mend.

    Things have been crazy around here and that is part of the reason I've not checked in here. We're getting through things one day at a time.