Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Shy Writer

I'm visiting Rebecca J. Clark's wonderful blog The Shy Writer today.

The subject of Rebecca's blog got me to thinking more about whether or not I'm a shy writer. So much that I had to consult the definition of "shy".

1. bashful, retiring;

2. easily frightened away; timid

3. suspicious; distrustful

4. reluctant; wary

5. deficient (shy of funds)

I probably do not fit into most people's definition of a shy person. After all, I've done some public speaking and I sing in front of an audience which means I can't possibly be shy, right?

But as a writer, I might be considered shy at times. It's sometimes difficult to promote my work and angst producing to ask people to vote for me every day (as in So You Think You Can Write). Does that make me shy? Maybe.

I do believe there is a shy writer inside all of us whether we admit to it or not, or whether as Rebecca had done, we learn to fake it well.


  1. Interesting! I would guess I'm "shy" in this aspect, of promoting myself and such. I will speak in front of large groups, I can go places by myself and be comfortable, I talk to strangers in public places all the time. BUT don't make me promote myself. I know I'm good at certain things, but I don't like to tell people about that and draw attention, so I guess in that sense I am shy. Self promotion is not my thing I guess.

  2. Yes Kristie, there are so many definitions of shy. Since writing the post, I've come to question whether or not I'm shy again. I will settle for saying I'm a little bit shy.