Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Miracle ... sort of

Speaking of the journey toward publication, here's the journey of a Poinsettia. I bought two Poinsettias last year at Christmas time. By April 2012, I was impressed enough to take a photo where you can observe their new growth (and still red leaves).
In July all the red leaves are gone, replaced by bountiful green - but see how well they are doing! In JULY!
Finally we see them full circle in December - still hanging in there, still green. No more red leaves but they're alive.
You have no idea what this means to a notorious plant killer like myself. Yes, it's a Christmas miracle ... sort of.

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  1. Mine never live very long either. My Mom gets a poinsettia every year and after a while it gets pretty scraggly, but it's still alive. I don't know how to get them to be happy and healthy though, but yours look great. I have seen pictures from my uncle in Florida and he had them growing outside his home and they were blooming like crazy all red and pretty. Must be the climate.