Monday, January 14, 2013

Drag me to the new millenium but don't leave me there

I can officially report that I now Skype. Sure, maybe I'm a little behind the times but I've been dumped into the new millennium. I just don't want to be left there alone.

Once I set up Skype I video chatted with my son in the next room (this will come in handy when letting him know dinner is ready) and I helped my 74-year-old mother set up Skype all by herself.

She was so excited to Skype with me from her home ... three miles away from me!

I can't help but think this Skype thing was intended to bring people together across a vast expanse of continents. But we all have to start with ahem, baby steps.


  1. LOL, skyping to announce dinner is probably in my future somewhere!

    Skype is something close to my heart - without it, my family would be out of touch much of the time. My first sibling emigrated from Ireland in 1983, and Skype has been a much-used tool, and a commonly used verb among all my family, parents included).

    Enjoy the new technology Maria, soon you'll be skyping 'cross continents and time-zones!

    Best wishes - Nikki.

  2. My son is suitably impressed that I soon Skype with a friend in Ireland!

  3. I know people who Skype all the time, but I've never done it. I don't know if my monitor has a camera in it or not. I need to ask my son about these things. I am sooooo not tech savvy! I'm on a committee for a fundraiser, it's in Toledo and I'm near Buffalo. This would be such a great way to have a meeting with them. I'm just so bad at this stuff. I don't even have a smart phone, just my sweet little flip phone. Hey, it works for me.
    Have fun with the Skyping!

  4. I hear you, Kristie, I don't have a smart phone either. My husband bought me a new PC for Christmas and the new ones all come with a camera. I even have a friend who puts tape over the camera. Never know who's watching, ha!