Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - Meet Zeke

On Thanksgiving, we give thanks for our pets - dogs, cats, and the occasional bunny find their way into our novels. Why? Because we love them. Today Christine Lindsay shares her love for Zeke. Take it away, Christine!


By Christine Lindsay

With Christmas around the corner, one of my happiest pet memories comes to mind. Our English Springer Spaniel Zeke was ten last Christmas—starting to get a little old, but always a puppy when our grandsons came to visit.

As we all sat around the living room last year, trying to get over our turkey “coma” the three boys all under the age of 7 were running around the sofa chasing a radio control car. They were laughing their heads off. And there was Zeke in the middle of this parade. Now Zeke was never a dog to lick people. I taught him that early on that I didn’t care for that.

But the grandsons didn’t count. Zeke knew very well they were just puppies, and his to keep in line. So in the midst of this squealing, laughing circuit around the sofa was Zeke on the heels of the boys, and every once in a while giving them a little lick on the ear to keep them in line.

Sadly, Zeke passed on that following spring, due to cancer. But I’ll never forget this gorgeous dog who gave us so much joy.

About Christine Lindsay

Christine Lindsay is an Irish-born writer, proud of the fact that she was once patted on the head by Prince Philip when she was a baby. Her great grandfather, and her grandfather—yes father and son—were both riveters on the building of the Titanic.

Tongue in cheek, Christine states that as a family they accept no responsibility for the sinking of that great ship.

It was stories of her ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in Colonial India that inspired her historical series Twilight of the British Raj of which Book 1 Shadowed in Silk has won several awards, and Book 2 Captured by Moonlight. Christine is currently writing the final installment of that series called Veiled at Midnight to be released August 2014.

Also coming out February 2014 is Londonderry Dreaming, a romance novella set in Londonderry Northern Ireland, not far from Christine’s birthplace. Her newest release a short Christmas story, Heavenly Haven, has just been released as an Ebook.

Christine makes her home in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada with her husband and their grown up family. Her cat Scottie is chief editor on all Christine’s books.

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