Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome SYTYCW Finalist and Debut Author Elle Marlow

Welcome, Elle. After submitting your first chapter to SYTYCW, did you have any second thoughts or was it completely ready and polished?

I absolutely had second thoughts. I decided to take writing seriously in July just months before the contest. I didn’t have anything prepared so I hustled and wrote Josey’s Mountain in three weeks. I never even had a chance to read through it before I submitted it. Can you imagine my surprise when it made the top fifty? I did cartwheels in the streets.

Have you entered a writing contest like this before, or any other writing contest?

Before SYTYCW my only other contest was the Camp Wanna be pitch that Harlequin hosted I think that was the end of July. I received a partial request.

How long have you been writing?

I started out years ago just for fun. Then about fifteen years ago I submitted a story via snail mail to a publisher that has now gone out of business. It took a year to find out the results. Unfortunately it didn’t go anywhere.

What are your thoughts about the promotional aspect of the contest? Do you love social media and all its aspects?

I do enjoy social media. Moreover, I enjoy the friendships I made during that contest with other authors. I love cheering everyone on and watching other writers also grow in their craft.

What are you working on now?

Now I have five titles in different stages of publication with Front Porch Romance. Josey’s Mountain may not have made the top ten, but because of that effort, and it’s success, I have made lots of contacts and now, a new publishing home.

Do you have any advice for someone considering entering So You Think You Can Write 2014?

I think it’s most important to study the different lines of Harlequin, study what they are looking for. Craft your characters carefully along with a plot that fits. You get one chapter to “sell” the entire book so make it spectacular.

Where can we find you on the Web?

Where can’t you find me? LOL.



And now an excerpt from The Gambler's Passion, Elle's debut coming to you from Front Porch Romance:

Beautiful Arizona Summers is determined to fulfill her mother's dying wish and realize her dreams-even if it means dancing at Bare Backed Belles, cheating at high stakes poker or running from a spray of bullets with a man she's given her innocence to. She'd do it all and over again to find love and keep her promise.

Jace Forrester gets a thrill out of living a double life. Preacher's son by day, card hustler by night. Always after the big win, he can't resist Arizona's ultimate challenge. He may lose more than he bargain for-his heart.

Coming in February, Pour Me:

Wanted: One Cowgirl Mommy

That was the ad right next to the bartending one. Carly wasn't sure she was prepared for either, but she was heading back to Arizona regardless. Running from her past and hopefully to a brighter future, Carly couldn't predict that all three would collide and force her to face her demons. And sexy cowboy, Cade McCormick would be to blame for all of it.

Cade had to be careful about the women involved in little Danni's life. A cowgirl was on the bottom of his list! But time has a way of changing hearts, minds and roping the past together. Is his new bartender really the woman he thought he lost years ago? Did little Danni really place an ad to find her?


  1. Loved reading this post. I'm really thrilled for you. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for being here today, Elle. Your story is inspiring.