Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Trailer...or the bait and hook

No, I'm not talking about fishing. You've probably noticed how the back of a book has a brief synopsis of the novel you've just picked up to peruse. If the author has done their job, you will feel compelled to shuffle up to the cash register and hand over your hard earned cash. Or, at the very least go to the library and hand over your card.

I've been working on number one, and in fact my word count is now at 15,993! My Friday morning writer's group has helped to keep me on track. Just the idea that these first readers of mine want to know "what's next?" keeps me moving forward, and not going back and editing like I am compelled to do.

The other thing I have done is completed an outline of the plot points of the story - nothing too contricting, but something to keep me moving forward. Much of it was already in my head, but yes it does help to put it down on paper for those times when I find myself staring out the window and thinking, "Where was I going with this?" In completing that outline, the back of the book trailer just came to me like a gift. Here it is:

How many ways can a man be haunted? Adam Yates is a man haunted in more ways than one. Haunted in his dreams by a beautiful woman he can never have, haunted by the memory of a costly mistake, haunted by a ghost who seems bent on revenge.

Carey Hopkins has lived her life with the strange gift of seeing the dead – but when she finally meets a man who seems to know her inside out, will she finally find love or will she be forced to compete with a ghost?

The novel is Adam's Fall (working title) coming soon to a bookstore near you...