Sunday, June 29, 2014

Come See Me at Hearts & Scribbles

Today I'm visiting the wonderful Jennifer Faye, Harlequin author, at Hearts & Scribbles.

I have a character interview: Ryan and Vera from Harte's Peak. It should be fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome to Harte's Peak ...

So Harte's Peak, the first in the Redemption Peak series with The White Rose/Pelican Book Group is live now on all major retailers:





Harte's Peak is a small town in the Sierra California "gold country". It's actually based on the real town of Twain Harte, a cozy little town of about 2,000 people at a 3,000 mile elevation.

It is a short 15 miles to Dodge Ridge Ski Resort in Pinecrest, California (elevation 5,000).

I'm partial to Twain Harte - the town is rich in history, actually named after Mark Twain and Brett Harte. My family started our annual February snow trip to Twain Harte in 1999, and it became a yearly event. Anyone from the Bay Area is familiar with the fact that our public schools often gave the week of President's Day off as what official became known as "February break". It couldn't be "winter" break (a better name, in my opinion) because that became December break. It obviously couldn't be "spring" break, thus it wound up with its boring and unoriginal title. However, in our family as well as in many other Bay Area families February break became known as "snow week".

Although it doesn't snow in the Bay Area, a three and a half hour drive into the mountains and voila! Snow for all snow-deprived Californians.

Thus began my love affair with Twain Harte, and a mere 13 years later it became the setting for my first novel. At this time, there will be two books in the Redemption Peak series. The second is under contract and we should have a cover reveal soon.